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This book is about a vision. A call to action. To do something Steve Jobs and others said would never happen again. To bring Electronics Manufacturing back to America.

In Flying Eagle, I hope to convey to you, the reader, the tireless and patriotic efforts by many, to reshore manufacturing and create jobs in the United States.


By including my personal experiences, observations and thoughts, I try to describe key actions and events that shaped investment and site selection decisions. By sharing anecdotes and behind- the-scenes accounts, I hope you will learn more about the narrative beyond public statements and media reports.

My goal is to fill the gap of knowledge and offer fresh perspective to unanswered questions, e.g. Why Foxconn in America, Why Wisconsin?

I wish to set the record straight, and tell the stories in our own words. I thank you for reading and hope this book will help the reader better understand the meaning of Flying Eagle.

Dr. Alan S. Yeung
Wisconsin, March 2022

Flying Eagle (1st Edition)

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